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Art sculptures-Stone

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STYLE: stone


 Monument Depot               

                                                                The Sculpture of Art

We main production management: theanimal carving, the character carve, the nature carving, the artisticsculpture, the botanical garden sculpture and fine grinds thehandicraft and so on to have the advanced mechanical device and thetechnical personnel.

Most importantly, thanks to owning both special carving factory and gravestone factory, our craftwork of gravestone carving is regarded to be much better thanmany other craft brothers.

LXT has high technical laser engraving and rotary engraving machines to provideengraving services for characters, pictures and photos, and shaping for drillingholes, round edge and cutting to any shape.

Granite sculptures monuments are some of the most beautiful and detailed monuments that we are able to appreciate today. There are sculptures monuments located in cemeteries all over the world, including some very impressive art sculptures.

Granite art sculptures monuments are a thoughtful way to remember any loved one. Some of the most exquisite sculptures monuments are made from black or white granite or marble.

Beautiful and thoughtfully etched, these monuments are the perfect way to commemorate a life. Given the uniqueness and wide range of colors available, the choices for a granite monument are quite vast . There are also a number of styles of monument from which to choose. One of the most   luxurious choices is the Art sculpture monument .

If you are more interested in putting a granite or marble touch on a plot that already has a marker, a granite statue may be just what you need . Your loved one was unique and their memory should be carried on for generations to come. There is no better way to commemorate someone’s life than to make with a art sculpture monument . Not only will you be honoring them but you will symbolize their memory to live on as long as the monument is standing.

Each finepiece of art involves three working processes of designing, carving andpolishing.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is situated on a four-acre site along the Tidal Basin, adjacent to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and shares   a direct line of sight between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials.

The centerpiece of the memorial is a 30-foot statue of Dr. King, featuring his likeness carved into the Stone of Hope, which emerges powerfully from two large boulders, known as the Mountain of Despair. Together, they represent soul-stirring words from Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Text from this speech is cut sharply into the rock of the Stone: “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”

The well-known architect, sculptor, artists and the carving of the outstanding workers have participated in the construction of the Martin Luther King, Jr 's monument.

Monument Depot makes and installs an extensive range of top quality granite cemetery monuments, headstones, gravestones and memorial plaques. We know that this can be a very difficult time for you and your family and provide a caring and understanding service that will help you create a fitting memorial for your loved one.

We use only the highest quality stone and will work with you to design and create a memorial that will satisfy your every requirement in an atmosphere of understanding.

The cemetery monuments we produce in our state-of-the-art are instantly distinguishable by their superior quality, impressiveness and attention to detail. With care and respect our highly skilled craftsmen will design and style a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Our company offers custom granite tombstone and free design for you.

These granite tombstone can have any type of design and any inscription you desire. Designs include flowers, open book, badges, photos, and other designs.

Be sure to consult your selection of the cemetery before ordering any type of monument.

Call us now to make an appointment to discuss your requirements or to request an obligation free quote.

We have dozens of kinds of granite can be selected

Monument Depot headstone production center

Our two monument processing factory in Quanzhou, Huian, Fujian, China and the Losangeles area of the Rosemead, as a headstone production and processing facilities.

Most of the monument, sand blasting, carving and writing are the modern 30000 square feet of factory production in Huian County, Fujian Province, China. Our craftsmen are experts in the art of stone carving, engraving and etching, including the finest details in the stone.

Shipping Information:

All items ordered require different lead times. Please contact us for details. Actual delivery times can vary by location. We will contact you with the expected arrival dates.

Transportation costs:

All the granite or marble sculptures on our site are priced with shipping to 48 states . We can also be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or other America territory, please contact us to confirm the cost of transport.

Booking and   more stock:

Most of our items are available for immediate shipping.   If the item you want is not currently in stock it will be ordered promptly and delivered on time.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Returns are accepted on a case by case basis. if it is not as you ordered or if damage occurred during shipping.   If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us prior to ordering.